Saturday, June 18, 2011

ugggh what a rough 2 weeks. I didn't get much done which always gets under my skin. grr i've been putting in a lot of time at my summer job with about 94hours of work and 24hours of commuting in the last 2 weeks plus nhl playoffs. fuccccck. almost done though... i'm thinking of just quitting early so i have more time to create!

also im not going to be doing mass posting anymore. when i get something done i throwing it up as soon as possible. which will hopefully get my working more, cause i have to for sure make up for the past 2 weeks. Here is what I did today. 

I really need to get to life drawing. I tried out the good ol' newsprint. and im not too fond of it, but i ran out of kraft. so i needed something. and manila is ugly. 

I'll definitely get stuff up tomorrow for one of the small projects i plan on doing this summer. and whaaat elllseee...hmmm...oh yea and that portrait i didn't use the usual oil i used gooo-waaah-shhh. enjoy those nipples.

my room is hot , i need to get out.

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