Friday, April 13, 2012


I may be moving over to a tumblr account soon. I believe I said that before, and nothing happened. Uhhh shit. Hopefully I can post some stuff soon. Been bit busy with year end stuff.

I may try using both a Blogspot blog and a tumblr. But that might be too much.

Anyways I feel like I should post something...heres a WIP.

Oh yea! Needed to add the fact I will be having a Etsy store open soon and I'm going to be pushing out a series of prints that are in the works. Plus a bunch of other handmade shizzz. Keep and eye out.

I'll post a link to the store once I start flooding it with products!


  1. Haha Flooding it with products. I like that.

    1. Pfft haha. You wait a see! I got this idea I can't wait to do for people who actually buy something haha.