Friday, April 27, 2012


I've been thinking lately about which direction I really want to kind of head in with my art. Even though I have a great passion for studying the human figure, and rendering still-lifes. I feel like its not exactly the direction I feel like heading in right now. Yet, I will probably try and sneak in to some life drawing courses over the summer just to keep it up.

I'm really thinking of continuing the textural/pattern explorations I did with college. Yet I am not sure I want to approach it in a college manner. I've been coming more inspired by contemporary artists like Os Gemeos, Nayoun Kim, Richie Pope, Ray Johnson and of course Mr. Sterling Hundely as always. I Just feel like I may need a more contemporary approach to my art. More exploration in shape, pattern and colour. Something that can be more in link with todays society. One thing one of my favourite teachers Ted Zourntos said something along the lines of trying to keep things contemporary and figuring out what in the world intrigues not just me but society.

I usually don't post everything I work on or do. so well fuck it. Heres a slew of shit I've been working on. I..uh yea. Ha.

I liked the edge.

I like thread. Especially this kind.

The colour of the eyes need to be broken from the background me thinks.

This thing is rather ugly. Its mindless. That brown. Yuck.

Believe me theres even more. I just can't photograph or scan anymore.
Theres a few lino cut ideas in the works and a zine (which is going to be one mother of a zine, its going to take me awhile to create), that really need to get finished. So I can actually have some sort of income. Heres my tumblr again. If you have one follow it.


Heres a song I'm listening too, while I am chewing gum. right now.

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